Monday, 11 June 2012

Three Kinds Of Fire

It was a great weekend. It was busy. It was sunny! But finally, in between the soccer game we took the boys and their friends to, and the trip out to the lake,  this collection of three short stories got up there on Smashwords as an ebook.
It contains the first two short stories that I wrote since coming back to Canada - A Kind of Fire, and The Captive Guest. The third one started off as 'Oh, better write a quick short one to add to the other two' - and it turned out the longest! It's a 'what-if' story. The background draws on my past as a batchelor English teacher in the Middle East... What if someone I knew had been kidnapped with little chance of release? What if I'd been challenged to live what I said I believed? It's a kind of allegory too; symbolic of greater things, of the Great Meta-Story. Here's the link:

It's easy enough to sample the first 20% ofthe collection and cheap enough to buy the whole thing. If you want to review it, drop me a comment or email and I'll send you the free coupon code. In fact... Here's the coupon code. For all those who've read this far, go and help yourself to a free copy of the book.

Coupon Code: SK24X (not case sensitive. please don't share the code.)

Before writing a review you need to register with Smashwords and download the ebook, but it's easy and hassle-free. Don't let that put you off!