Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Ordinary Life, Part CIIX

I'm still here, really I am! Come on in and pull up a seat. Hang your Mars suit on the rack over there.

This cafe on the Martian plains may show signs of neglect, but it's still one-of-a -kind and it's open day and night. Yes, the winds rattle over the polyurethane tent-roof at over 70 kmh sometimes, and the radiation washes in from space almost unchecked, tarnishing the green paint I put on the outside walls last year, and the dust gets absolutely everywhere, but it's still my place.

Seriously, I've been living. Full-time job, family, and writing Book Three of the series you'll find right here. I keep my eye on what serious space-people like Elon Musk are building and launching, but for now my novel on the colonisation of Mars is waiting in line.

While you sit and sip your Martian lichen tea (just kidding, it's my last stash of green tea from home) you could do worse than look over this link:

And this thought-provoking subject: 

If you're looking for something with a little eye candy and a theme rarely spoken of, go here:

Enjoy your tea.