Library of Short Stories and Articles by John Peace

Here you can read various fiction and non-fiction pieces that I've written over the years.

Three Kinds Of Fire : A collection of three short stories set in the Middle East and Canada.

Trafficked! : A science fiction short story set in a near-future in which a youth desperate for work ends up trapped far beyond Earth, in a labour system set up by powerful alien races.

Mindware Issues : In this science fiction short, a detective accepts a contract to track down a missing person. But things are not at all what they seem to be.

Islands In The Sky : This is really the first few chapters of a science fiction novel I'd like to write one day. It's set in ... well, you'll have to find out where it's set. This is a steam-punk adventure story with a strong dash of romance.

Atonement : A short piece of military space-opera which I wrote as a sample for a customer. If you really want to know, space-opera is a type of science fiction in which the science isn't as important as the fiction. It's written for people who like their starships and their blaster pistols more than the details of how these devices might actually work. But it can be fun, and even meaningful!


Articles about the Arab Spring in Yemen. I wrote these in 2011 after returning from that country.

Stop The Traffik : In which I report on a meeting at which Andy Matheson of the charity Oasis spoke about the ugliness of human traffiking and how some people are rescuing the victims of this evil trade.

Glad To Be Alive : A true story of survival.

All the above writing is copyrighted by John Peace.

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