Saturday, 5 January 2013

Blog Etiquette

Perhaps blogs have been left behind in the dust of Facebook and Twitter, those children of brevity and (often but not always) shallowness, but I think not. I think there are many people out on the cyberavenues who are glad to dally long enough to read a blog post, perhaps actually think about something meaningful, before passing onwards to the next click.
If you still value blogs and other forms of more solid content on the internet, then hear my plea! Cultivate us bloggers! Here are a few ways you can do that.
  • Leave Comments! This could easily be points one, two and three, but I'll spare you that artless form of emphasis. Even if you say nothing but 'Hi!' it will encourage a writer to keep on crafting words for you. If you find a thought-provoking post, be the first to comment - perhaps you'll start a lively debate!
  • If you disagree or dislike what the blogger is saying, then go ahead and tell them... but use at least the same tact and consideration you would if talking face-to-face with someone you respect.
  • Mention good posts elsewhere. Spread the good stuff around! Just copy the link from the address bar, and paste it into your next Facebook thing. Or if you Twitter, look up 'bitly', a useful site (one of many, I suspect) which allows you to post greatly shortened web addresses into a Tweet, thereby saving you characters.
  • Most of all, treat everyone you meet on the internet as real people! Think about it.
Bye for now... I have to go and say 'goodnight' to two younger 'real people' of my own!


  1. Nice blog. I am impressed and encouraged by pros. A few phrases that I liked were onwards to the next click and crafting words for you. Each clicks moves a user forward on a quest for good content and writing is the crafting of words together. I appreciate the netiquette tips as well. Leaving comments on blogs and using bitly to shorten URL's are good netiquette.

  2. Many thanks, David. I saw your blog... Oh wow, you are the King Of Netiquette! I am so honoured to have you drop in on my humble blog! Seriously, it's a thought-provoking, well-constructed, original site. Thanks for the link.